Release of the patch 3.0 - Toe / infinite rank up / new Dark & Light - 20/01/2020 Release of the patch 2.80 - Dark & Light - 08/07/2019 Glyphe efficiency - 02/10/2019
  • Added a new value for your glyphs called "glyph efficiency".
    This is a value calculated based on the number of secondary statistics of your glyphs and their value compared to the maximum value of each of these secondary statistics.
    Thus, a legendary glyph of lvl 16 with 10 secondary statistics at the max possible value, will have a 100% efficiency
Timeline and nat 4 monsters - 02/10/2019
  • From this day, if you delete a native 4-star monster from the game and it was imported to the site before deletion, it will not be deleted when updating your profile and will be kept in your timeline
Release of the patch 2.64 - 08/07/2019
  • - Updated monster data after changes made during patch 2.62 / 2.64
Release of the patch 2.62 - 25/06/2019
  • - Added new monsters "Fate Spinner" in the database.
    - It is now possible to upgrade your glyphs to level 19.
    - Changing the appearance of glyph level to distinguish glyphs lvl 15 or less, lvl 16+, and glyphs lvl 19.
Release of the patch 2.50 - 13/05/2019
  • Updated portraits of some monsters who have seen their designs changed.
System Output O4K - Glyph Set Generator - 10/04/2019
  • Implementation of the O4K system, tool to generate sets of glyphs with desired statistics on your monster.
Release of the patch 2.41 - 19/03/2019
  • Implementation of a new system for importing your data automatically, which no longer requires the export of the file in game, but directly via an API developed in collaboration with © Ubisoft Barcelona
Release of the patch 2.33 - 25/01/2019
  • Updated monsters, auras, spells as well as adding new monsters added with patch 2.33
v2.1.2 - 17-18/11
  • Setting up a page to compare his monster with those of public profiles.
  • Added information "recommended runes" on the page of a monster.
  • It is now possible to request a reset of his password.
v2.1.1 - 15/11
  • Added two new filters for monsters: with and without glyphs.
v2.0 - 13/11
  • Creation of a guild management page available for the guild leader and officers.
  • Creation of a Guild Creation Request Form.
  • Profile page: It is now possible to leave the guild on the website.

Official opening of the site. - 11/11

v1.9.2 - 11/11
  • Complete update of the monsters database to add the tag system.
  • Page "your monsters": Addition of the filter system by tag and addition of the tags on your monsters.

  • Importing data: we can now choose to import its data while not overwriting the optimizations made on the site.
v1.9 - 09/11
  • Global translation of the website into English
v1.8 - 07/11
  • Update glyphs filter system, it is now possible to select several type, rarity, form and first stat.
  • Creature Page: Added a new button allowing you to remove all glyphs from the monster being optimized.
  • Page box: Added a new button allowing you to remove all glyphs from all your monsters at once.
Beta opening - 06/11
  • 1250 seats to access the platform! thank you all for the welcome you have made to the optimizator 3000!
v1.7 - 06/11
  • The data import system is getting your dark glyph!
  • Opening the Guild tab for all registered accounts, with the procedure to request the creation of a guild.
v1.6 - 04/11
  • Profile page: The Chief and guild officers have the opportunity to generate an invitation link to join the guild.
  • Modification of the box design.
v1.5 - 03/11
  • Profile page: Added a button to delete player data (glyphs / monsters).
  • Profile page: Guild Leaders have the option of generating an invitation link for members of their guilds to join.
  • Creature Page: Added a monster sharing link (stats and detail of glyphs).
v1.4 - 02/11
  • Modification of the import of the glyphs to record the detail of the various procs.
  • Creation of a profile page that will contain various options, such as the re-initialization of data from the last file import on the site.
  • Creature Page: Creation of a new feature that allows you to put back the glyphs of the monster it had at the time of the last import.
  • Profile page: adding a management of the parameters of your profile as well as a link of division of your box. You can now define if your profile is public or private and choose if you want to show your glyphs and statistics of your monsters.
  • Profile page: Creation of a share link to show his box to the rest of the world :)
v1.3 - 01/11
  • Monster Detail Page: Addition of the monster icon on which the glyph was originally equipped during the import.
    This allows you to find it in a simple way, where you find the glyphs in play.
  • Guild: Added a guild membership listing page, allowing you to see the monsters of the players in the guild.
v1.2 - 31/10
  • Glyph Information: Added the monster icon with the glyph in question.
  • Improved glyphs filters (design / functionality).
  • See secondary statistics filtered on glyphs.
  • Improved order of display of glyphs results according to the chosen filters.
v1.1 - 25/10
  • Optimization of the time of import of the data players.
  • Development of the system of calculation of the statistics of the monsters according to the glyphs equipped.
  • Implementation of the guild system (still in beta).
  • Glyph Information: Display the main statistic value as if the glyph was level 16.
  • Monster Detail Page: Adding monster statistics detail based on the values of the main stats of the glyphs as if they were lvl 16
v1 - 20/10
  • Development of the various pages composing the site.
  • Development of the registration / connection system.
  • Setting up a page to import player data via the game export .gz file.
  • Creation of a box page with filter to see these imported monsters.
  • Creation of the glyphs filter, used on the homepage and in the consultation page of a monster.
  • Setting up the system to run / unlock a monster.