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Import your MMEG game data

The recovery of your monster and glyphs data, this fact via the export tool, directly in-game.

Once your data is imported, you will be able to fully enjoy a management system for your monsters, runes, guild and many other tools.

Optimize your monsters!

Choose a monster, search for your best runes and equip them to finally use the real potential of your monsters!

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Optimize your monsters

To optimize your monsters, nothing easier!

Once your game data is imported, you will have access to a page listing all your monsters.

On this page you will have the opportunity to filter your monsters, to see their spells, the detail of their statistics and the detail of their runes.

You just have to choose a monster and go!

Search your best glyphs

For this we have put at your disposal a search form powerful and easy to use!

Choose a type, a form, a main statistic and the sub stats you want to find and filter!

All you have to do is choose which monster you are going to put on your best glyphs with sub stat speed.